Hydra [Overdrive]
Hydra【Overdrive Pedal】
The Hydra Liquid Gain pedal was designed to provide great sound in a variety of situations. Many people aren't fans of modeling amps, and it is impractical to cart around a variety of vintage tube amps every time you play. The Hydra Liquid Gain is perfect for guitar players who want great vintage sound that cuts through the mix.
The Hydra pedal is a combination preamp/ overdrive for guitars with 4 knobs and a mini toggle switch.
The HI D. control allows you to shape the amount of high frequencies and harmonics, the Low D control shapes mid and low frequencies as well as overall sound presence. Switch low frequency response between fat and tight modes with the mini toggle switch. Your tone can be further modified by the internal volume trim.
Find your favorite setting with the 4 knobs and toggle switch. The Hydra works well with both solid state and tube stacks or combos .Let the Hydra Drive drives your sound !
Input Impedance : 511k ohms
Output Impedance : 1k ohms
Maximum output level : +6dBu
Control : Hi.D / High frequency Gain
Lo.D / All frequency Gain
Tone / Low Pass Filter
Vol. / Out Put Volume
Fat switch
Indicator : Effect LED
Residual Noise : -110dBu (Input shorted, IHF-A weighted)
Internal circuit voltage : Stabilized ±9V DC to DC Converter
Power Supply : 6F22 9V manganese dry cell battery x 1
or AC adaptor/Center Negative
Power Consumption : 5mA/9V
Dimensions : 112mm(D)×80mm(W)×49mm(H)
Weight : 360g (including battery)
Features : True Bypass circuit, Blue LED
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